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To You
So this is to you
To the one I hold dear
Always close to my heart
Wanting to forever be near
To feel your touch everyday
Would make me complete
And your sweet kiss that I crave
Whether in public or discreet
Just the sound of your voice
To hear you whisper three words
'I' something 'you'
Of this phrase is two thirds
Does the hidden third mean lust
Like the secret passion we share
Or something more gentle
That is pure, that is fair
Be it pure or of lust
For we both share desire
That of each other
Burning brighter than fire
So this is to you
These verses from the heart
Please accept them this Day
And let us never be apart
- Zak. B -
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 0
So where to start
When did we
Become a couple
Remind me
I make you laugh
You make me cry
I want to stay
You say goodbye
No means yes
You walk away
Tell me when
Again we’ll play
You shake your head
The sun goes down
My world goes dark
Girl turn around
I miss your eyes
Show me your smile
Come on now please
It’s been a while
Way too long
Why won’t you be
My queen again
And listen to me
Like when we met
You always smiled
You always laughed
Like a happy child
But now you’ve grown
And we don’t laugh
There are only tears
The same aftermath
So again I dream
For the days gone by
For the happy times
Where we never cried
When we used to smile
Laugh happily
But it seems times change
Into tragedy.
Zak. B
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 0
Between a Rock
Again she’s crying
Just lying to herself
Anymore of this
Will be a hazard to her health
Just dying amongst wealth
Thinks she’s soaring with the eagles
When just a sparrow under stealth
Pretending what to be
But hidden behind that mask
Is a truth that few do see
That desire just to be
Accepted by the rest
Who are puppets thought free
She’ll break her back again
And next she’ll give her soul
Just to be accepted by them
The joke
They laugh at her once more
Blind to their false tales
About the men and she, "the whore"
No tears
She thought he was the one
Was the lucre worth abuse
Is life safe around his gun?
Self lies
Is any of it true?
This existence she’s locked in
Shrouded by a rose tinted hue
But her voice it has no say
And in her heart she’ll stay alone
Until the day she breaks away
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 0
Passion, Feelings, Cravings, Words
If roses glow red
And violets shine blue
The passion I have
Burns brightly for you
For your eyes are like diamonds
And your lips sweet as sugar
My feelings for you
I would never give to another
I crave your touch every moment
To be at your side every hour
For you brighten up my life
Like the sun upon a flower
So that is why I give you
These words now from the heart
And hope beyond this Day
We’ll never be apart
Zak. B
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 0
Mending Thorns
From afar you're like a rose
So perfect to the eye
But you're thorns are soon revealed
Only after one does try
Try to see beyond the eyes
Past the petals that you show
Into your deeper pollen
To where your feelings grow
Feeling of mistrust and lies
From when you have been hurt
But allow me to come close
And again your love will spurt
Then gone will be the thorns
The scars of pain you feel
Please let me be your tender
And make your scars all heal.
=/Zak. B/=
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 3 28
...think about it...
Is the truth but a lie
Hidden in disguise
Just a fabricated line
Said only to compromise
For what is really true
When a man speaks with a smile
As isn’t the truth just hurtful
Like what’s experienced in a trial
Yet aren’t lies just the same
Just the truth with some more thought
Then what is really true
When a lie is what you’re taught
So all lessons are really lies
If not given out by you
But aren’t all lessons useless
If all lies are really true.
>>//\©Zak. B//\
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 1 49
One night...
Towards the heavens
My eyes do now stare
Why was I a fool?
Why did I go there?
Why did I meet you
And feel your warm touch?
Why did I hold you
And love you so much?
Was it fate that drew us
Together as one?
Or was it misfortune
From whom this sorrow I won?
For my life is now lost
As adoration did blind
My knowing and awareness
Though of our child I am kind
As my life without him
Would be madness and despair
Though his life would not be
If I did not go there.
ęZak. B
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 1 7
L o v e - i s - e t e r n a l
Every night before I sleep
I say a little prayer
So that you are kept safe
While you're beyond my care
For these nights without you hurt
And last too long to know
I lose track of time and date
Why did you have to go?
Why do I rest in fear?
And wake to a silent black
Why is the sandman absent?
Causing this persistent dreaming lack
But I know we'll meet again
Though now is not my time
So from now until then
Our memories will remain within my mind.   
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 3 16
Just to hold you in my arms
Only a second is all I need
For me to feel true love
My only sin of it is greed
For whenever our fingers touch
And the moment our lips meet
My mind is on a high
As you sweep me off my feet
Even when I close my eyes
You exist within my dreams
Just as perfect as for real
All the light around you beams
That is why when I awake
I look to the skies above
And thank the gracious lord
For granting me this love.
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 4 25
Hurtful Lies
Deep within your eyes
I see eternal sorrow and pain
It’s like looking across a field
Of persistent falling rain
That rain soon fills the valley
Now a lake of deep dark sin
Any life that once existed
Is soon drowned and lost within
And when that life is lost
Your body begins to slow
You claim it was a just thought
That you’re trying to let go.
But know I can see beyond all
The hurtful lies you tell yourself
All the lies you tell to me
The only carer for your health.
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 1 9
Shaded by Zelleon Shaded :iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 29
During every single day
Of my childhood life
You were there to give me guidance
Even what to look for in a wife
You always shook off all my grief
And just repelled it with a smile
Always being adamant to help
Insisting to go that extra mile
You always told me what was right
And helped me to correct my wrongs
Constantly educating me
And giving opinions on my songs
So for all this I want to thank you
In a way that I know how
Dear sister this is a gift from me
For everything you've done till now.
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 1 2
Why can't I understand
Just why we have to be
So truthful to each other
Lies would make life so easy.
Though to you I did commit
That till I die I would be true
But that was long before
Our distance widely grew
Just thinking of you now
Makes me realise my true test
I have little time remaining
Though your pressure prevents me to rest
So now I look upon those lies
That I considered from the start
But I constantly stray from them
As I know they'd tear us apart.
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 2
Taking out
So it's one down baby
And'a two to go
Like the chief once said
We'll show y'all haters the door
An' if you don't catch on
Because you're too slow
We'll be takin' instant action
Your lifeless corpse on the floor
Taking on number two
So what ya gonna do
Cos we gonna hunt ya down
And to this we are true
Cos to life we don't lie
Yet you still defy
That till death you will sin
Unaware you burn within
So it don't take long
For the fire to consume
Number two'll slow down
And face the inevitable doom
Cos it's two down now
Only one yet remains
The final obstacle
Of these silly serious games
Which brings us up to now
Time seems to break down
A battle of mind and soul
One will swim and one will drown
Realty kicks in
As you realise death is fate
Though it wouldn't be much different
From your current life of hate.
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 0
Negativity ID by Zelleon Negativity ID :iconzelleon:Zelleon 0 28
Fear of Conscience
Don't ever wanna do
Don't ever hide
Go and lock that door kid
But I'm a' ready inside
Try to escape this nightmare
This reality
Try to run away from me
But you'll never see
That this life is thoughtless
You don't exist
Everything is meaningless
Unless you persist
To get in front of
Don't fall behind
The big bad men who
Aren't all that kind
So try to understand now
Think what you've learned
About illusions
And how they burned
You on the inside
Go drown your pain
With your sorrow
And start again.
//>>ęZak (Zelleon)
:iconzelleon:Zelleon 1 2



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